Friday, March 18, 2011

The Most Wonderful Dream.

I recently had a relax day with my good friend Shea. We had facials,lunch and of course stopped at pottery barn. I'm pretty sure we went through the entire store about three times. Now...... I cant stop thinking about that wonderful feeling that pottery barn gave me :) My aunt/uncle in law own a furniture store downtown. Well..... I had a dream that my aunt/uncle in law decided to get rid of a TON of old furniture they didn't want in their store anymore. I was the lucky candidate that received it all! They amazingly had every single piece of furniture that I've longed to have in my home! I was in dream HEAVEN! I had my whole house decorated and placed and my vision was complete until my sweet little babies cry woke me up ;) Someday...... someday.... just takes time. For now I hope to continue having such sweet dreams!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Airplane

My oldest son's bedroom is decorated in a vintage airplane feel. Its a work in progress just like every room in my house buts its all starting to come together. I was inspired by some wall art at Pottery Barn but I cant find it on their site anymore. I decided I wanted to make it myself to add some sentimental touch to the "wall art" and my son loved the fact that I made his airplane painting for him! So cute :) I ended up spraying it with an acrylic finish. It has a little to much shine for my liking. I may have to alter it a bit but for now here it is:

I have to give some credit to my good friend Shea! I struggle with drawing 3D so she helped me draw that darn top wing and the poles, thanks buddy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pottery Barn Makeover

I had a lovely Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware trip with one of my good friends Shea. If I could spend the night at Pottery Barn I totally would! What's not to love about the decor, smells, atmosphere in that store? I was in complete heaven; as a matter of fact I think we walked through/around the store about four times! I contained myself and only ended up buying a bath sponge for my apothacary jars in my master bath, a small hourglass and these little signs. They were half off and only $3.99 a piece. I originally planned on putting these in my bathroom where they would actually serve as a his/hers signs. A few months ago I bought these cute baskets to put on my shelves on the tv stand. I decided to spray paint my little signs with some chalkboard paint and attatch them to the fronts of the baskets with some twine. They gave my baskets the exact look I was going for. I'm still in a bit of slight denial that I altered something that I bought from the actual pottery barn store..... but I think they look even more "pottery barnish" now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Final Wing Back Post

Remember my very first post about this wing back beauty? Although I'm convinced that this chair hates me I FINALLY finished it! I did some research during the process and found out that wing backs are one of the hardest chairs to recover; that would have been some helpful advice to have before I tore the thing apart! All of the curse words and tears that went into this chair were totally worth it because she looks dang good in her designated corner..... and here she is!


I feared that I would finish it, place it in its spot, and plop down with a big sigh of relief just as the whole thing crumbled to the floor lol. What really happened was.... I finished the chair in my basement and started to take it up the stairs just in time to panic that it wouldn't even fit through my basement door. YOU'VE got to be KIDDING ME! I did NOT just spend eternity on this thing just to have to take it all apart to get it up the steps UGH! Luckily my saving grace (husband) finagled it through the door and the wing back made it safely to its cozy corner :)

It's not perfect but I'm proud of myself! Now for the redecorating in the living room to blend in this new orange shade! I can hear my chair whispering, "Please, Please, Please find me a really cute throw pillow!" I LOVE this never ending cycle, REALLY I do :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wing Back Update #2

Dear Wing Back,

I know I have had you for quite some time now and you are 3/4 of the way finished. I'm sure you are sick of spending your time in my unfinished basement. You caused me quite a bit of stress so I took some time off. The only dilemma we have now is that a beautiful Christmas tree is currently occupying your future home. Unfortunately you will not be able to move upstairs until the beginning of next year. Hang in there someday you will be complete!

~Your Over Whelmed Owner

I know I know..... You think I have completely lost it because I'm writing a letter to my wing back chair. Well, the only response I have to that is..... I've spent WAY more time with this chair than I'd expected and its nearly driven me to insanity lol. It really is almost done though! Do you remember what it looked like from this post? (I love how I said I would have it finished in a week in that post, lol, things didnt go quite as well as planned) The plans are to put this lovely wingback right where my Christams tree is. So, I have one more month to finish her up! Here is a little sneak peak. Don't judge, its the very first thing that I've ever reupholstered!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glass Topper

During my last DI trip I picked up this adorable glass topper

I've had my eye on this really cute glass topper that sits on top of a ceramic dish at Rod Works (local home decor store). The price tag on their's was $30. I knew I could do better ;) So I went on a search to make my own version.
candle holder
metal star plate
Here is how I put them all together
I just stacked them all on top of eachother and put some decorative balls under the glass toper.
Total Cost: $8.40
glass topper: $0.50
plate: $3.95
candle holder: $3.95
decorative balls: already had
Im pretty pleased with the way that it turned out! The best part is that it was a whopping $21.60 cheaper than buying the one from Rod works :)

Message Board

Remember my lovely brown frame I got at the DI? Here is the breakdown: I bought some chalk board spray paint from Home Depot. My frame had the glass piece and the picture. The picture is actually just a piece of cardboard with a photo imprinted on it. I wiped that cardboard down really well and primed it. I let that dry and then generously applied my chalk board paint. While that was drying I primed and painted my frame. To finish up the frame I added a little glaze to pop out the detail of its border. I put the cardboard piece back in and fastened the back and VOILA look at her now! You can use this for whatever you want. Whats for dinner, love notes, messages, the possibilites are endless!
Total Cost: $5.30
Frame from DI: $1.50
Spray Paint: $3.80
I already had the primer, glaze, and the stand

Look at what I picked up at Roberts on black Friday for $3.40
Im putting at least one of these on top of my cabinets in my kitchen! Someday I'll do a post on my almost finished cabinet tops!