Decor Bucket List

Master Bedroom

                                      The Bed

            Mirror that I won :) Hangs above my dresser

Its going to be AMAZING when its all put together! The mirror really isn't quite that dark, but the room is going to have a grey/cream/turquoise color pallet. The gray and cream are going to be more of the main colors with little pops of turquoise. I'm kinda going for that get away/spa feeling in my master. I really want it to be our retreat ;)

Boy #1

Quilt and Color Pallet

Vintage Planes

Im really going for that Pottery Barn feel in his room. His bedroom furniture is all a distressed black, and the board and batten wall is going to be a denim red color. I cant wait to start that wall!

Boy #2

His room is going to be a pottery barn feel also, but with a little vintage twist. I have some oars that I snagged out of a boat that is garbage and I plan to either put hooks on the and hang them for coat/hat hangers, or use them as a rod for curtains. I hope to do some type of white washed look on the oars, and some day do some type of white washed bead board on the bottom half of the walls. Its going to be adorable!