Saturday, November 27, 2010

Message Board

Remember my lovely brown frame I got at the DI? Here is the breakdown: I bought some chalk board spray paint from Home Depot. My frame had the glass piece and the picture. The picture is actually just a piece of cardboard with a photo imprinted on it. I wiped that cardboard down really well and primed it. I let that dry and then generously applied my chalk board paint. While that was drying I primed and painted my frame. To finish up the frame I added a little glaze to pop out the detail of its border. I put the cardboard piece back in and fastened the back and VOILA look at her now! You can use this for whatever you want. Whats for dinner, love notes, messages, the possibilites are endless!
Total Cost: $5.30
Frame from DI: $1.50
Spray Paint: $3.80
I already had the primer, glaze, and the stand

Look at what I picked up at Roberts on black Friday for $3.40
Im putting at least one of these on top of my cabinets in my kitchen! Someday I'll do a post on my almost finished cabinet tops!

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