Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wing Back Update #2

Dear Wing Back,

I know I have had you for quite some time now and you are 3/4 of the way finished. I'm sure you are sick of spending your time in my unfinished basement. You caused me quite a bit of stress so I took some time off. The only dilemma we have now is that a beautiful Christmas tree is currently occupying your future home. Unfortunately you will not be able to move upstairs until the beginning of next year. Hang in there someday you will be complete!

~Your Over Whelmed Owner

I know I know..... You think I have completely lost it because I'm writing a letter to my wing back chair. Well, the only response I have to that is..... I've spent WAY more time with this chair than I'd expected and its nearly driven me to insanity lol. It really is almost done though! Do you remember what it looked like from this post? (I love how I said I would have it finished in a week in that post, lol, things didnt go quite as well as planned) The plans are to put this lovely wingback right where my Christams tree is. So, I have one more month to finish her up! Here is a little sneak peak. Don't judge, its the very first thing that I've ever reupholstered!

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