Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Final Wing Back Post

Remember my very first post about this wing back beauty? Although I'm convinced that this chair hates me I FINALLY finished it! I did some research during the process and found out that wing backs are one of the hardest chairs to recover; that would have been some helpful advice to have before I tore the thing apart! All of the curse words and tears that went into this chair were totally worth it because she looks dang good in her designated corner..... and here she is!


I feared that I would finish it, place it in its spot, and plop down with a big sigh of relief just as the whole thing crumbled to the floor lol. What really happened was.... I finished the chair in my basement and started to take it up the stairs just in time to panic that it wouldn't even fit through my basement door. YOU'VE got to be KIDDING ME! I did NOT just spend eternity on this thing just to have to take it all apart to get it up the steps UGH! Luckily my saving grace (husband) finagled it through the door and the wing back made it safely to its cozy corner :)

It's not perfect but I'm proud of myself! Now for the redecorating in the living room to blend in this new orange shade! I can hear my chair whispering, "Please, Please, Please find me a really cute throw pillow!" I LOVE this never ending cycle, REALLY I do :)


  1. Good Job Erin!!!! So proud of you accomplishing your goal! The chair looks awesome....especially with it being your first try... its amazing :)

  2. Ok.... I LOVE your blog! It is so awesome! This just may be your calling in life! I am totally hiring you!

  3. That looks beautiful! What a great job, upholstery is not easy to do. You should be proud of yourself. I'm a new follower, visit me sometimes, I'd LOVE IT.