Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glass Topper

During my last DI trip I picked up this adorable glass topper

I've had my eye on this really cute glass topper that sits on top of a ceramic dish at Rod Works (local home decor store). The price tag on their's was $30. I knew I could do better ;) So I went on a search to make my own version.
candle holder
metal star plate
Here is how I put them all together
I just stacked them all on top of eachother and put some decorative balls under the glass toper.
Total Cost: $8.40
glass topper: $0.50
plate: $3.95
candle holder: $3.95
decorative balls: already had
Im pretty pleased with the way that it turned out! The best part is that it was a whopping $21.60 cheaper than buying the one from Rod works :)

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