Friday, March 11, 2011

Pottery Barn Makeover

I had a lovely Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware trip with one of my good friends Shea. If I could spend the night at Pottery Barn I totally would! What's not to love about the decor, smells, atmosphere in that store? I was in complete heaven; as a matter of fact I think we walked through/around the store about four times! I contained myself and only ended up buying a bath sponge for my apothacary jars in my master bath, a small hourglass and these little signs. They were half off and only $3.99 a piece. I originally planned on putting these in my bathroom where they would actually serve as a his/hers signs. A few months ago I bought these cute baskets to put on my shelves on the tv stand. I decided to spray paint my little signs with some chalkboard paint and attatch them to the fronts of the baskets with some twine. They gave my baskets the exact look I was going for. I'm still in a bit of slight denial that I altered something that I bought from the actual pottery barn store..... but I think they look even more "pottery barnish" now!


  1. When are you coming to my house to help me??? Soon I hope!

  2. Awesome buddy. It looks great... I already miss pottery barn though.... can't wait for the next trip there :)