Friday, March 18, 2011

The Most Wonderful Dream.

I recently had a relax day with my good friend Shea. We had facials,lunch and of course stopped at pottery barn. I'm pretty sure we went through the entire store about three times. Now...... I cant stop thinking about that wonderful feeling that pottery barn gave me :) My aunt/uncle in law own a furniture store downtown. Well..... I had a dream that my aunt/uncle in law decided to get rid of a TON of old furniture they didn't want in their store anymore. I was the lucky candidate that received it all! They amazingly had every single piece of furniture that I've longed to have in my home! I was in dream HEAVEN! I had my whole house decorated and placed and my vision was complete until my sweet little babies cry woke me up ;) Someday...... someday.... just takes time. For now I hope to continue having such sweet dreams!

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