Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Airplane

My oldest son's bedroom is decorated in a vintage airplane feel. Its a work in progress just like every room in my house buts its all starting to come together. I was inspired by some wall art at Pottery Barn but I cant find it on their site anymore. I decided I wanted to make it myself to add some sentimental touch to the "wall art" and my son loved the fact that I made his airplane painting for him! So cute :) I ended up spraying it with an acrylic finish. It has a little to much shine for my liking. I may have to alter it a bit but for now here it is:

I have to give some credit to my good friend Shea! I struggle with drawing 3D so she helped me draw that darn top wing and the poles, thanks buddy!


  1. Are you kidding???!!! This is awesome! I love it! You are so talented!!!

  2. Yeah!!! Good job on painting it buddy... I didn't expect those colors , it looks great my crafty friend.