Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Finds

I have a good friend that LOVES to go bargain hunting with me! The other day we went to D.I (our local thrift store) and we were completely overwhelmed with bargains EVERYWHERE! There was a TON of awesome stuff. I refrained from buying it all but now I wished I would have. Here are a few of my awesome finds ;)

Have I mentioned that I LOVE twine? You can add it to anything to give it that little touch of spruce that it needs! That green bottle has got to be my all time FAVE! I love it! That frame is quite the character but I have other plans in store for that beautiful lady. I also got a little Christmas Tree and two hook holder things. I have plans to change those a bit also so Ill post some more pics soon with my finished frame project, and some before pics of my hooks.


  1. I'm glad you love the green bottle buddy!!! Can't wait to see the finished frame :)

  2. P.s. when are you gonna post the little stinkers updated room?! It's too cute not to show off